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About Cinema Albert Productions in English

We’re looking for financial support to make our newest film “The Locked Ones” (Polish: “Zamknięci”)

There has been a year since in Wrocław’s city centre walled up a thirty years old, homeless Krzysztof who was alienated, mentally suppressed and malnourished. Krzysztof died of starvation in the empty building that used to be a shop and which became for him a fatal trap. Media were shortly interested in Krzysztof’s story but soon appeared another news to take his place and Krzysztof was marginalized again. But we want to retell the story again and we don’t want Krzysztof and his tragedy to be forgotten…

Cinema Albert Productions is a film group associated with St. Brother Albert Aid Society (which takes care of homeless people) that has just started working on dramatized documentary based on described tragic story. Working title of the film is “The Locked Ones” (Polish: “Zamknięci”). The script was written by the life and death of Krzysztof. In the film will be playing unprofessional actors, the present and former inhabitants of the St. Brother Albert Aid Society who today are fully independent. Our group exists as a voluntary initiative of social workers, residents and friends of St. Brother Albert Aid Society therefore we cannot and don’t want to burden our organization with excessive costs to continue our project. Thus we’re looking for financial support. We have a director (Dariusz Dobrowolski who made “It’s Gonna Be Great, Victor”, “Downtrodden”, “My Manhattan”, “The Man Who Hasn’t Seen a Sea”, “The History of Kazio”), great and passionate group of actors, directors of photography, sound producers, editors, a whole crew of film-makers and additionally one film camera, microphone, computer with editing program and finally knowledge and skills to make it all work and achieve an unique outcome.

Unfortunately we lack the second camera and financial resources to organize 10 shooting days. Of course we don’t need it to pay actors or film-makers, because no one in our group earns money. We need it to buy necessary equipment, pay for transport (cars, gasoline) and to provide some food while working (we estimated the costs: PLN 10,000 = 10 x PLN 1,000 per day ~ € 2,400 = 10 x € 240 per day).

See our video appeal while working for the trailer of “The Locked Ones”!

Our future goal is to buy a new camera. So far we managed to borrow it for free from our friends film-makers (Elżbieta Kowalczyk, Agnieszka Zwiefka, Iwona Morozow, Rafał Mróz), private companies (Wojciech SzczupakStamtadFilm) and non-governmental organizations (Fundacja Polskie Gniazdo). It is easier to support us with the resourses (people, equipment) than financially. The cost of the camera is PLN 16,000…20,000 (€ 3850…4800).

Lately, appeared another dream. We could use drone to make spectacular, dynamic bird’s eye shots. For now such equipment with qualified staff is out of our reach.

So far we managed to complete two shooting days for “The Locked Ones” (spring, last year).

If you find our initiative worth supporting, please donate!

What is Cinema Albert Productions? It’s a story of a true passion — passion that can change someone’s life, even when it seems impossible. When Leszek, Heniek and Waluś arrived at the shelter for the homeless they didn’t have any dreams, hopes or plans. They have been homeless for over 15 years, with alcohol problems, criminal past. No families, no jobs, no future… Films have changed their lives forever, becoming a filmotherapy, an important part of the process of getting out of homelessness. The men have named their bizarre film production company Cinema Albert Productions (after Brother Albert’s Shelter).

Read more (in Polish) on Cinema Albert Productions…

We’re looking for financial support to make our newest film “The Locked Ones” (Polish: “Zamknięci”)We’re looking for financial support to make our newest film “The Locked Ones” (Polish: “Zamknięci”)

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